Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are PhotoX Air Systems safe?
A: Absolutely! PhotoX Air Systems carry an EPA establishment number and are certified by the California Air Resources Board for meeting ozone emission standards. Additionally, the units carry ETL and CSA certifications for electrical safety.

Q: Are PhotoX Air Systems cost effective?
A: Yes, on multiple levels. First, the units use low power consumption. Second, as a protection on investment, every cannabis plant, every harvested bud that remains disease free and every batch of processed oil that is protected from pathogens improves the ultimate yield and efficiency of an operation.

Q: Do PhotoX Air Systems require maintenance?
A: Yes, we recommend replacing the catalyst reaction module and the UV lamps annually. Environments with excessive levels of dust and particulates may require more frequent replacement.

Q: What are the advantages of PhotoX Air Systems over other PCO technologies. 
A: PhotoX Air Systems moves air through a thickness of fibrous matte catalyst vastly increasing the number of molecular reaction sites while traditional PCO systems simply move air through a surface coated chamber. Additionally, PhotoX Air Systems include a complex mix of elements and compounds that speed up the reaction process and destroys additional toxins not affected by titanium dioxide alone. So, contaminants like carbon monoxide and ethylene are also destroyed. PhotoX Air Systems are over three times more efficient in reducing airborne toxins than PCO units using surface coating methods.

Q: Does carbon dioxide and water by product accumulate inside the PhotoX Air Systems?
A: No, since the reactions taking place are on the molecular level, the relative amounts of carbon dioxide, water and constituent elements are easily dispersed in the ambient air.

Q: Does the PhotoX Air System emit UV light which could be disruptive the dark grow cycle?
A: PhotoX Air has developed special "Black Out Extensions" that internally contains any stray UV light from exiting the unit. Additionally, the Black Out mechanisms provides a means for directing clean processed air to an optimal exit location that can enhance air circulation within a facility. Please specify PhotoX 200 B when ordering. "0 Light Leaks"

Q: Are there other applications for PhotoX Air Systems?
A: Absolutely, we have systems placed in strategic locations where bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens and volatile organic compounds are of concern, like hospitals, health clinics, child day care centers, animal hospitals and chiropractic offices just to name a few.  Click the links below to hear how the systems have been utilized in a children’s day care center and how it resolved issues with Formaldehyde in FEMA trailers in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.