Cannabis Airborne Challenges

• Mold Spores

• White Powdery Mildew

• Gray Mold/Botrytis

• Fungus

• Terpenes

• Volatile Organic Compounds


• Downy Mildew

• THC Oil Fumes

• Bacteria

• Virus

• Mycotoxins

Cannabis is susceptible to white powdery mildew, mold, bacteria and viruses. Most of these pathogens are airborne or can be delivered by grow personnel or even reside in grow media. A single infestation can render a grow cycle from much less than profitable to a complete loss. In addition, grow personnel retention is often problematic due to high levels of terpenes in flowering rooms, deboning rooms and bud sizing processes as some personnel are susceptible to the adverse effects of overwhelming odors.

Enter PhotoX, the most efficient industrial Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) air purification system available. PhotoX air systems effectively reduce airborne microorganisms and indoor air pollutants. PhotoX renders live airborne substances inactive and therefore harmless without creating any hazardous waste like ozone or hydrogen peroxide. A byproduct of the molecular breakdown of airborne substances is the removal of odors. PhotoX Air utilizes all natural organic processes. Including PhotoX as part of an Integrated Pest Managment is crucial to maintaining profitability and production consistency.


Cannabis Industry Applications

• Green House Operations

• Seeding Facilities

• Flowering Rooms

• Packaging Areas

• Infusing Operations

• Dispensaries Colocated in Commercial
Areas (Odor Control)

• Inventory Storage Areas

Crop Protection Solution

• PhotoX provides a natural organic
method to eliminate airborne mold,
fungus, white powdery mildew and bacteria
without the use of chemical pesticides.
Some air purification systems introduce
hydrogen peroxide and other contaminants
that are harmful to plants and personnel.

• PhotoX preserves product integrity in
storage areas.

• PhotoX Air systems significantly diminishes the strong
odor of terpenes that can adversely affect sensitive
grow personnel during cannabis late flowering stages,
harvesting, deboning and bud sizing operations.