PhotoX Model 500

PhotoX Air is an advanced indoor air purification system that significantly reduces harmful airborne microorganisms. PhotoX Air systems destroy pathogens like fungi, mold spores, white powdery mildew and is effective for controlling excessive levels of terpenes. PhotoX Air Systems eliminates odors enabling discreet operation and is helpful for grow personnel retention. PhotoX Air Systems are California Air Resources Board Certified for meeting EPA ozone emissions safety standards.


PhotoX Model 200

PhotoX Air systems have numerous applications in the Cannabis Industry. They are ideally suited for green house operations, flowering rooms, deboning rooms, drying rooms, packaging area and infusing operations as well as dispensaries. In fact, PhotoX Air systems are advantageous anywhere in your production facilities where pure clean air is critical or simply desired. They are effective at removing airborne allergens making closed air systems safe for operations staff.

PhotoX Model 200B

PhotoX 200B

The PhotoX model 200B is specifically designed for indoor grow houses running tightly timed light and dark grow cycles. The Black Out extensions are designed to completely eliminate light leaks. The Black Out extensions also provide the flexibility to direct resultant clean air to specific beneficial locations within the grow facility. Unit capacities are sized to a room refresh rate of 20 minutes to insure continuous clean air.

What’s Inside?

Inside the case is a propriety Catalyst Reaction Module that contains titanium dioxide as well as a proprietary mix of novel catalyst reaction materials embedded in a fibrous glass media. The permeated fibrous glass media creates a tortuous path for airborne contaminants like white powdery mildew, gray mold, fungi, and odors as well as volatile organic compounds, allergens and bacteria. As the contaminants come into contact with countless molecular reaction sites activated by UV light, they are converted to harmless carbon dioxide, water and constituent elements. Additionally, due to the proprietary blend of catalyst, the PhotoX Air system oxidize contaminants not attracted to titanium dioxide alone. Contanimants like ethylene, carbon monoxide and hydrogen are also destroyed.

lpi200All Photocatalytic Oxidizers Are Not the Same

The PhotoX Air fibrous glass media is infused with fumed titanium dioxide nanoparticles and a proprietary mix of catalyst reaction materials creating countless reaction sites where airborne contaminants are destroyed. With PhotoX Air systems contaminated air is forced through fumed nanoparticles attached to a thick three dimensional array of glass fibers creating a tortuous path for pathogens dramatically increasing exposure to the countless molecular reaction sites while other PCO devices simply move air through thinly coated surfaces within a chamber.

• Embedding catalyst into a proprietary fibrous media dramatically increases active photocatalytic surface area

• PhotoX Air systems have added a complex mix of elements as catalyst

• Powerful airflow rates allow PhotoX Air systems to process ambient air 3 times per hour insuring continuous pure air


As shown in the electron microscope images below, Titanium Dioxide and other catalyst reaction elements are tightly bound to a thickness of fibrous glass matte.


Untreated fibrous glass mat at 1,000 times magnification


Infused fibrous glass mat at 100 times magnification


Infused fibrous glass mat at 1,000 times magnification

Features & Benefits

  • Proprietary process reduces airborne contaminants
  • Oxidized pathogens are destroyed, not collected
  • Odors are eliminated
  • No waste disposal
  • Safe to use: No ozone, hydrogen peroxide or other harmful air products are emitted
  • Easy to use: Simply turn on and let it run 24/7
  • Proprietary application of catalyst to the fibrous glass media creates countless molecular reaction sites which produces increased photo catalytic efficacy compared to simple PCO devices
  • Powerful air flow is sufficient to process ambient air 3 times per hour insuring continuous pure air
  • Proprietary mix of novel catalyst reaction elements eliminates contaminants not attracted to titanium dioxide alone. Contaminants like ethylene & carbon monoxide are also destroyed.
  • Low power consumption
  • Easily integrates into most any facility
  • Serves as a protection on investment
  • Case and components are hospital grade and of mil spec construction
  • PhotoX Air systems carry an EPA establishment number
  • PhotoX Air systems have been certified by the California Air Resources Board for meeting EPA ozone emissions safety standards.
  • PhotoX Air systems carry ETL & CSA certifications for electrical safety.
  • PhotoX Air systems carry a 5 year warranty.
  • Made in the USA